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Waking up this morning, I’m feeling completely symptom-free from the pair of big hits I took in game three from a member of our team rival, Raffi Torres. I am now cleared to play in tonight’s game six, but I was advised by coach that I should take it easy from now until game time tonight. So instead of going about my usual game day morning routine that starts out with a run with Stanley then a protein shake for breakfast all before heading off to morning practice, I start off this morning giving Stanley his morning kibble with a fresh bowl of water then I sit back and relax with today’s paper in hand at my kitchen table while I wait for my coffee to brew and toast to pop.

I’m enjoying my morning reading of the paper while leisurely drink my coffee and having Stanley lying at my feet. As I eat my toast smothered with peanut butter and jam Stanley still lying right below me, hoping that he will catch a few crumbs. Folding all the sections of the paper back together, putting it aside, I get up to leave the table, bringing my plate and mug with me. Putting the plate in the dishwasher then I top off my coffee, but leave it on the counter as I go ready to jump into the shower.

Walking around my place with only a towel wrapped around my waist, I go grab a smoky bone for Stanley, from his special treat cupboard, that he leaves off with so proudly to his little counter in the living room.

 I head into the kitchen to drink my last cup of coffee. As I savour my last sip of Timmy’s goodness, I then put my mug into the dishwasher and begin to make my way into the bathroom, when I hear my buzzer ring. Kind of surprised that someone would be buzzing my apartment at this time of morning, I go answer it anyways.

“Hello?” I answer confused.

“Hi I’m sorry to bother you but I think I’m lost.” a familiar female voice replies.

“How so, maybe I can point you in the right direction then.” I play along, knowing exactly who it is.

“I don’t know if you know him…” she whispers, “but I’m looking for Clyde Barrow.”

“Well, Miss Parker is it?” I match her tones, “I think you’re not that lost after all.”

“Really… so it wouldn’t be inappropriate to ask if Clyde is available?”

“The doors open.” I answer eagerly before hanging up the receiver to go unlock the door. I ran to the bedroom and grab this new loofah and peppermint body wash that I had hid in a drawer, saving it for an occasion such as this. With that in hand, I rush off into the bathroom anxious like a child on a sugar buzz that is running loose in a candy store.

Only seconds after I pulled the shower curtain closed behind me, she has made it up into my apartment and in my bathroom ripping the shower curtain open. With a ‘thirst for desire’ look dead set in her eyes she had her clothes off and was in the shower with me in 10 seconds flat.

“Hello, Mr. Barrow.” she’s bites her lip as greets me.

“Hello, Miss Parker.” I match her tone as I look up and down her now naked body.

Giving me nothing more in return but a sly smile, she moves us both underneath the running water. With the warm water running we’re body against body, skin on skin and our hands are roaming each other. I begin to lather her body with the scented foamy loofah and now the scent of the peppermint is filling the shower.

Seeing how turned on she’s becoming I move a hand back down to the spot where I know will have her craving for more. Now that she has succumbed to my little trick, she leans herself into me, rolls up onto her toes and whispers in my ear,

“No more teasing me, baby.”

Taking that as her hint to move things forward, I spin her around, and she leans herself forward slightly, so I can have both my hands gripped around her waist as I enter her from behind.

While rocking her back and forth along my length, I feel she’s about to reach her peak as her walls are tightening around me. Getting a little surprise now that she’s reached down fondling my boys and I reach around stimulating her clit. Soon later she moans my name as she reaches her climax while I immediately follow, spilling myself inside her.

As we finish up one last round in the shower, and we move to the bed for one last quickie, I can’t resist but somehow bring the subject up again.

“So…” I try to speak as I try to catch my breath still … over top of her, “what brings you to Chicago now?” I finally finish still breathless.

“Well…” she pauses as she to tries to catch her breath, “My sister called me up the other day and said that she had two tickets for herself and me for tonight’s game. All I had to do was book a flight.”

And neither of them knows that you’re here?”

Not a clue.” she whispers, lacing her fingers in my hair pulling me down crashing her lips onto mine.

Andrew thinks I’m here to enjoy a hockey game with my sister.” she continues, “Besides he wanted to stay in Atlanta and get started on some renovations on the house. And Becca on the other hand thinks that I’m out for a walk.”

So, when are you going to leave Ladd and come back home to Chicago to be with me? I’m getting so tired of all this sneaking around.” I whine.

When you leave Dawn, I’ll leave Andrew.”




*the morning after*

Getting woken by an unusual wake-up call from the rising sun that is peeking through the window of a room that I don’t recognize, I begin to wonder where I am. I slowly sit myself up, clutching at my pounding head; I take a look around my surroundings and I see that I am definitely not home. 

Carefully I make my way out of this hotel room. I grab my shirt and pants, quickly throwing them on and checking if my wallet still is in my pants pocket then grab my jacket, toque and keys before I quietly leave out to the elevator and down to the parking level. Putting on my jacket and toque with my car keys in hand, I'm unsure if my car is down here, but I begin to briskly walk around anyways. It wasn't long before I found my car and it took me shorter time to get in and drive away.

So many questions started to race through my mind, so many that it feels like I should pull over and stop for a few minutes to try and clear my head, but I keep driving. I know that it’s stupid to be driving in this state of mind, but again, pulling over doesn’t feel like it’s an option either. So, as I drive my way through Chicago, making my way back home, I pull into my driveway and immediately cut the engine.

Without thinking I get out, use the keyless remote to lock my car and storm inside my house, where I am then bombarded by Shooter, who’s giving me an ‘if-looks-can-kill’ sort of look on his face, a look he has never gave to me before. Instead of just looking down at him and walking away, I get down on one knee to meet him eye to eye. Not knowing how he’d react to me since I obviously didn't come home last night, he surprises me by excitedly placing a big, wet, doggie kiss on my cheek, then he turned around and ran into the kitchen straight to his food dish. Once I give him some food and refresh his water, he looks back up to me with the same kind of look he gave me when I walked in the door.

Staring in the face of a man's best friend already feeling like I’ve betrayed him and Abby for that matter, the expression Shooter just shot at me didn't make me feel any better. Staring down at the pooch for a couple more minutes, as he turns back to eat his breakfast, I feel the need for a couple of Advil and a hot shower.

Walking over to the cupboard to grab myself a glass and a couple of Advil, I place the cup under the running faucet. After taking the Advil in hopes it would fix my aching head, I take another look down at Shooter who is now wiping his muzzle on the towel set beside his dish and was off to the back door to be let out to do his business.

After letting him out I make my way to the bathroom shedding off my clothes as I get there, I jump in the tub and let the hot water run down my body. Feeling some relief of the pounding in my head, but no real relief of all the tension that's built up in my body, my mind begins to wander again. Since the time I woke up, the same question that has been circling around my head, ‘What the fuck was I doing at the hotel last night with her?

*the day before*

"I love you too." I whisper softly over her shoulder, then taking a tiny nibble on her ear, as I lean in from behind, now giving her a kiss on her cheek, as she packs her bag.

"I wish I didn't have to go."

"I do too,” I speak still kissing her from her jaw line to her neck, “but we both didn't anticipate this to happen. Your sister needs you right now."

"Yeah... I guess so.” she breathes, “It's just so aggravating but yet so sad. I still can't believe that her husband left her for another woman!"

"He's an asshole, and she deserves better."

She turns around to face me, "She loved him. They were high school sweet hearts, they were married for 20 years, and they have four kids together. She thought he was the one." she wraps her arms tight around my waist.

"Still,” I shrug, “she deserves better than him."

As she pulls me in a bit closer, she opens her mouth to say something but just places a light kiss on my lips then asks, "You will never do that to me would you?"

"Never, I promise." I lean down, place a light peck on her nose, and then find her lips with mine, embracing her in close to me, slowly I move us down back towards the bed.

"Mm, baby..." she begins to mumble against my lips.

"Yeah..." I mumble back, trying to keep our kiss from breaking.

"As much as I want to take this further..." she tries to pull a bit further away.

"Mm hm..." while I bring my hand behind her head, gently pulling her back in.

"You have to..." she brings her arms up in between us and takes a breath, "get ready to leave for the game."

"So" I'm breathing just as heavy.

"And I have to finish packing so I can make my flight."

"We can spare a few minutes." I attempt to persuade her, moving my hand up her shirt while crashing my lips down on hers again.

"Baby," she pushes my hand back down and parts her lips away from mine, "I’m sorry but no. I have to be at the airport in an hour and you need to leave for the game in like, well... now.” as she looks down and points at her watch.

Giving her a heavy sigh of disappointment, I steal one last kiss before I head towards the door. While making my way out of the bedroom, I tell her, “Don’t be moaning to me when you call tonight.”
“Don’t worry baby, I won’t be the one moaning after you tonight.”

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Okay... I know I'm crazy for doing this, but I just want to get my writing flowing some more. It's not that I'm not enjoying writing my other stories, I am. I think it's just pumped that it's playoff season right now. :)

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Also side note my previous two polls I do have a Patrick Sharp chapter started, I've been having a bit of writer's block on that chapter but I do hope to have it up in the near future! As well I have noticed some wanted to read about Jonathan Toews, Brent Seabrook and Max Talbot so I'm excited, and I can't wait to get started!

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