Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update News

Hey... I know I've said I hoped that I would have updated my blogs this weekend, but I am in school and I have three weeks left before my final exams, so I'm swamped with assignments/homework.

For some good news, I have one post up for this blog and there is also another one that is almost done and ready to post.


*For Too Young to Fall in Love, I just need to proof read and edit it, so it should be up soon. :) [ ]


*For Love Torn, I have ideas just brewing away!! :) [ ]




As Rich and I leave the Bell Centre to head back to the hotel after a 5 - 3 win over the Canadiens, the sound of a couple arguing to my left catches my attention.

"I’m so sick and tired of your empty promises! It’s one after another..." this chick continues to yell at a much taller guy, breaking herself away from his grasp. He's wearing a suit and she's wearing a Canadiens jersey over her jacket. Pouliot 57.

I guess that's the guy she's arguing with.

After he puts in his few words, she continues on again, throwing her hands up in the air, and I see something sparkle from one of her hands, "So you're telling me that you getting that assist tonight was for me? Well... gee thanks a lot Ben."

"You're overreacting, baby."

"Really, I'm overreacting?.." she pauses, crossing her arms.


"So you're saying that all those promises you made, and broke I might add, to come with me to our appointments, don't have any real priority at all over your promises of scoring me goals and assists?" she leaves him silent for a moment, then continues on again.

"Ben, I'm supposed to be able to count on you when I need you most. You always know you can count on me, I'm here at this damn arena every night you guys have a game here, I'm there for every charity event..." still not a word from him as she silences to watch his reaction.

"Damn it, Ben! For you I'm just always there and these days it feels as though you're just taking me for granted. And I'm just sick and tired of it!"

"Are you even listening to what I'm saying?" she questions him again.
"Yeah Belles, I'm hearing this whiny bitch, complaining about how my career is stupid, not leaving me any time at all for you!"

"You're an asshole! I deserve better than this, the weddings off!" she grabs at the sparkling object that is on her hand and throws it at him.

As he bends down to pick up the ring, he shouts "Who needs you anyways!" he begins to turn around to head back into the arena, "There are plenty of other girls who would kill to wear this ring!"

"FUCK YOU, BEN!" she shouts, once he's near the doors, "YOU'RE NOTHING WITHOUT ME!" her voice begins to falter, saying those last few words just as the door was closes behind him without him looking back.

Seeing her seem so upset, angry and frustrated, makes her look so... hot, I think as I'm just watching her pace there, she suddenly turns to face my direction. Shit, she just caught me staring. I'm frozen, what's she gonna do? She starts walking toward me and I still can't move, like my feet are cemented into the concrete. Now she's right in front of me.

"Can I help you with something?!"

"Uh... What?" I fumble on my words, as I get a closer look at her.

"How long have you been standing here watching?" she asks demandingly.

"Not... long."

"Fuck. You saw everything, didn't you?" she bites her lip, looking at me, "And I guess you could hear our conversation too?"

I'm mesmerized now, completely unaware that she was still asking me questions. Seeing her up this close, she is actually quite beautiful. Her hair a dark shade of brown, just longer than shoulder length, and full of wavy curls. Her eyes are such a dark shade of brown that at first I thought they were black.

"Hello... are you okay?"

"Um... yeah." I manage to answer, staring down into her eyes.

Just as I open my mouth to say something, a voice calls out from behind me,

"Hey man, you coming?" Mike calls. I roll my eyes as turn to face him to yell back, "No! I'll just catch another cab."


I turn back to her and ask, "Do you want to go out for a drink? There's a good bar at the hotel I'm staying at."

"Sounds good, I'm in need of a strong drink right about now. " she replies not waiting another second to turns on her heel and motions for me to follow her and I have no hesitation of following.

As I stared down at the way her hips swayed from side to side, she abruptly turns back to face me, giving me a smile as I almost run into her.

"Hey, the passenger door is on the other side of the car." she tells me as we have already reached her car, "Wait," she reaches her hand out and grabs at my arm pulling me back, "Which hotel?" she whispers.

Since I could tell that there were still some people leaving the arena and she's no further than one step in front of me, I reach out, grab her other arm and pull her right into me and whisper it in her ear.

"I know where that is." she smiles and turns away to her door, unlocks it and gets in then opens the passenger door for me, while I make my way around the car. As soon as I slide into the passenger seat she puts the key into the ignition, the engine roars to life and we are off.

When we get to the hotel, she finds a spot in the parking lot immediately cuts the engine and exits her car. Amazed at how fast she found the hotel and how fast she made it to the bar. After a couple hours amongst a few drinks, one thing led to another. 

And those last few things that I can remember are first her approaching me at the bar, at some point in the night with a room key. She then took me up to that room, where we found ourselves lip-locked up against the wall, which soon led to our clothes thrown around the room, and then we moved to the bed. Now it's the next morning and we're still in the same bed and she's looking even more beautiful than she did when I first met her last night.

Monday, March 21, 2011



I'm sorry I haven't posted anything on this blog yet, but don't fret just yet!

There are a couple posts that will soon be up.

I'm hoping to update some of my blogs by this weekend!! :)