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As I run up the street the heaviness I’ve been feeling in the pit of my stomach is now turning into a tight knot that keeps tightening as I get closer and the closer and it’s beginning to make me feel queasy. As I see the green Ninja motorcycle off to the side, outside the ring of emergency vehicles, that’s when my heart instantly drops, my feet brings me to a halt, and then I see the two paramedics working on someone. With so many thoughts running through my head I am not completely registering what’s going on around me.
Slowly I make my way closer to the scene of the accident and this memory instantly flashes back to the time when Rhea had her first motor vehicle accident...
She was going around the second last turn in the race, her and her sister were in the lead, Rhea was first and Becca was in close second. Then there in that moment that Rhea rode into the second to last turn of the race of the final round, out of nowhere she is suddenly flying over the handlebars of the dirt bike. No one really knows what happened, although it's been thought to be that she must have hit an unknown rock that got uncovered on the course sometime during the race.

A person, a police officer, starts snapping his fingers in front of my face in a last attempt to get my attention finally brings me back to reality.

“Sir…” he snaps his fingers again, “Sir!”

“Oh,” I come to, “Yes, what were you asking me?”

“Sir, do you know who this driver is?” he nods to the scene over his shoulder then looks down to hands where he held his note pad.

“Uh... maybe... I'm not too sure." scratching my head.

“Well, the identification that we found on the driver says” his voice is beginning to slow down, like how it would in the movies, “Rheannon Jane Howes.”

Oh dear God…



No! It can’t be.

“Sir!” he raises his voice to grab my attention again, “Do you know a Rheannon Jane Howes?”


“Yes? What is your relation to her? Friend, family, boyfriend…” he pauses for a second, as I notice he has eyed out my ring, “Fiancée or husband?”

Now from here on in, my thoughts were racing back to the time of Rhea’s first accident and how she almost died then, I don’t want to imagine her in that same position again, or even worse. Without knowing what I was saying or what was going on around me, the next place I now find myself is in a chair sitting in the waiting room outside of the E.R. of the Rush University Medical Center.

“Mr. Seabrook, ” this doctor places his hand on my shoulder, cautiously waking me from the exhaustion of my worry. He patiently waits for he gets my attention before continuing on, “Ms. Howes is going to be fine. She’s not conscious yet, but she is in stable condition."

“Will she come out of this recovering back to her old self?” I ask hopeful but the doctor pauses, looking at me trying to find a way to tell me the best he could.

“Mr. Seabrook, ” he begins,

“Brent.” I raise my hand slightly motioning him to call me by my name.

“Brent…” he tries again, “Miss. Howes may not come out of this completely unscathed."

Feeling my heart take yet another drop, my hand clutches my chest.

“I can't be positive if or the severity of any memory loss she may have. More tests will have to be done to determine the amount of damage this accident has done to her memory.”

“So, there are not any guarantees that she would remember anybody or anything when she regains consciousness?”

“That's correct.”

“Can I go and see her?” I ask hopeful.

“Yes you can, but I do have to warn you that she is hooked up to a lot of machines and she will look like she is in a much worse condition than she really is. She is a very lucky woman and…”

“Dr. Conners?” a young nurse, who looks to be interning, interrupts us.

“Yes, Miss. Knox?”

“I just got off the phone with Mr. Ladd; he said he’d be on the next plane here to be with Miss. Howes.”

Clearing my throat, I wanted to ask what else he was going to say before we got interrupted, but all I could ask, “Can I go and see her now?”

“Of course, she's in room #316. And please let her rest, she will need as much rest as she can get. As well, I should let you know, her sister and brother-in-law are with her too, they went in just before I thought I should wake you up and update you on your friend.”

'Friend' got to love his idea of her and I only friends.

“Thank you, Dr. Conners”

“You're welcome; it makes me happy to know that I have patients who have so many people in their lives that care for them so much.”

Only if he really knew the truth to how much I care, runs through my mind as I smile, thank him again and make my way down through the E.R. to room #316. When I reach the door, and place my hand on the door handle, I hesitate opening the door when I glance in the window. Becca is sitting on Rhea's right and Troy sitting in a chair on the other side of Rhea. After standing there for a few minutes Troy seeing me standing outside the door and motions for me to come in. I walk in towards Becca, and place a hand on her shoulder, she gets up and brings me into a hug.

“She's been through so much already, and now this all over again.” I pull her into a tighter hug, “What ever made her go back on the motorcycle! I told her, we all told her that she shouldn't!”

“I don't know, but maybe she wanted to feel the rush again.”

I couldn't find her any other answer without telling her and Troy about mine and Rhea's secret. I couldn't bring that up, not now.

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