Saturday, March 9, 2013




"When the fuck were you planning to tell me?" I demand, as I let my anger loose, gripping the steering wheel tighter then slam on the brakes as the red traffic light brings the rush hour traffic to a sudden halt.

"After the baby is born?!" I yell again, impatient, I drum my thumbs on the steering wheel, waiting for the light to turn green then as I look over at her and I see her right hand gripped onto the door handle, with her nails digging in, and the other wrapped tight around her abdomen.

Still waiting for her answer as we sit idle for the light, I gesture at her belly, "Were you ever going to tell me about that?!" a little louder than intended, which only made her angrier as I notice her right hand release off the handle and ball up into a tight fist. She always had a short temper and I guess that's what drawn me to her, "Well?!"

She turns her head to me for the first time since we got in the car "Why does it matter?" she mutters, biting back her tongue, trying to have some restraint, when I know she's ready to blow.

"What the hell does 'Why does it matter' mean?" I grumble as the light finally turns green and I'm getting into the right lane so we could exit out onto the highway to Dulles International.

"It means, 'Get the fuck over it, you know about the baby now!!" she finally snaps, "Happy?! Now that I have fucking snap at you! Now do you see why I kept putting it off, telling you?!"

She's silenced me. I guess I kind of understand now why she has waited so long to tell me. In all honesty with the both of us having short tempers, that is about all we have in common. Besides the fact that the sex is amazing and I guess the only time, lately, we ever have it is when we're making up, that's when I glance back over in her direction.

"Don't give me that look!" she gives me her famous glare.

"What look??" I play it dumb.

"You're 'Let's make up and fuck' look."

"Wow! I have a 'let's fuck' look?"

"Yes, you have a look that you pull every time you want to have sex."



"No, I'm just surprised that you are even thinking about sex right now when you're on your way back to Calgary."


"What? Now I'm the perv?"



"For assuming that I'd even consider having sex with you right now."

We've arrived now in the airport parking lot, I put the car in park and give her the so-called 'let's fuck' face I seem to do again.

"You shit-head." she spats with a smile on her face, knowing I'm only pushing her buttons, she opens the door to get out and I quickly pull her back in.



"Do you think we could make this work?"



She looks at me like I have two heads, takes a deep breath and crosses her arms over her belly.

"Cat, hear me out; I know that everything between us can't change overnight but I think we should at least give it a try."

She pulls her legs back into the car, closes the car door, and bows her head down to look at her, what I just noticed, already slightly swelled belly, cradling it with both of her hands.

"Catherine, after hearing the news for the first time, from your mother of all people the other night, I've had that time to think about the future. Our future. That is if you would like to try this with me."

"I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but yeah, I think we can. I'm sure we can."

"How can you be so confident?"

"Well, first off, we're both such strong-willed people,"

"Stubborn people, is more like it." she can't resists adding.

"Well, whatever the case may be, I can't think of better parents for our baby than us. When you think about what kind of personality our baby will likely have when he or she shares a mix of our DNA, would you want some poor couple to raise him or her?"

There's still a strong silence amongst us then suddenly she just begins to laugh which soon becomes tears.

"I don't know if I can do this."

"Sure, you can baby."

"Baby." she whispers.

"Yeah?" I match her same tone.

"That's what we're going to be responsible for... a baby. A little human being. A living, breathing, crying, pooping machine. You seriously think we can do it."

"Sure, we can figure something out. This can be our life." I place my hand gently on her belly. "It's our choice; this is where our life can start. We can do this baby"

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